OR-U02 Optical Receiver

1. Designed For FTTH(Fiber To2. The Home Network)3. Excellent Linearity and flatness4. Frequency range 40-860MHz For CATV End-users5. Voltage supply: +6V~18V(DC)6. Optical Connector: SC/APC7. A

  • Model: OR-U02

1.  Designed For FTTH(Fiber To

2.  The Home Network)

3.  Excellent Linearity and flatness

4.  Frequency range 40-860MHz For CATV End-users

5.  Voltage supply: +6V~18V(DC)

6.  Optical Connector: SC/APC

7.  Aluminum Profiles housing,excellent heat dissipation performance

  8.  Smaller size and easier install

  9.  Red-LED Power Indication

 10. Green-LED Optical Power Indication(Optical power >-10dBm)