Tension Clamp For Hanging Cable

Tension Clamp DescriptionProduct nameADSS Cable Suspension Tension Clamp SizeAs Your RequestFeatureCorrosion resistantFinishingHot-dip galvanized,stranded,sand blast,Ending treatmentOEM serviceYesStan

  • Model: XC-2-2

Tension Clamp Description

Product nameADSS Cable Suspension Tension Clamp 
SizeAs Your Request
FeatureCorrosion resistant
FinishingHot-dip galvanized,stranded,sand blast,Ending treatment
OEM serviceYes




Tension Clamp Application

  • connect cable and pole or tower for ADSS cable line

  • protect cable and help cable to reduce vibration

  • not produce the stress concentration which damage ADSS cable and keep cable normal use


Tension Clamp Structure&Materials


Hot galvanized steel shackles play a role in connection with the tower fasteners. Failure load: U-7 to 70kN, U-10 to 100kN, U-12 to 120kN.


Preformed tension rods

Be made of galvanized steel wire or aluminum clad steel and preformed into the process when prefabricated beam, inner wall layer of emery stick, and enhance the friction between clamp and cable.


Tension rods

Galvanized steel precision, the heart-shaped tension ring and shackle connected to avoid strain clamp too close to the exit of cable from the pole, keep the cable bend radius large enough.


Heart-shaped tension ring

Galvanized steel precision, clip embedded in the U-bend Clamp head, the protection Clamp connection with the extension rod. Failure load is 40kN, 70kN, 100kN and 120kN, etc.


Preformed armour rods

Galvanized steel or aluminum clad steel wire, preformed armour rods wall sticky particulate silicon carbide to increase friction and reduce the pressure on the cable side. preformed rods  when the pre-processing into several sub-beams, to avoid installation errors and to facilitate rapid installation. Preformed wire toward the end of different specifications according to the radial lateral bending, to avoid vibration in the breeze under the cable clamp at the end of the friction and prevent damage to cable extrusion.